About me

I haven’t had the most traditional of paths into UX Design. Right out of college, I was a bilingual teacher in an elementary school. After that, I became a music producer and DJ playing at some of the top venues all over the world. Most recently, I was a Mac Genius at Apple.

So sure, I wasn’t whiteboarding for a design team, but that’s because I was whiteboarding to help students connect ideas and understand concepts. I wasn’t conducting remote usability tests, because instead, I was studying in-person crowd reactions to my nightly DJ sets. I might not have been creating personas to empathize with users, but that’s because I was empathizing with actual users as part of Apple's Genius Bar team.

No matter the task, people have always been at the center of what I do. As a designer, I love to solve problems. Whether it's a student, patron, or customer- I strive to make the complicated seem easy. My ultimate goal in UX design is to find ways to design products that are intuitive, simple and fun to use.


Bloc Jams